Tuesday, May 27, 2014

It National Campaign Team Prabowo-Hatta and Jokowi-JK

Two teams presidential candidates and vice presidential candidate , Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa and Joko Widodo - Jusuf Kalla , has submitted a list of names included in the composition of his national campaign team to the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) . As quoted from Kompas , May 28, 2014 , Prabowo team - Hatta headed Mahfud MD , while Jokowi - JK team led by Tjahjo Kumolo .

Here's a list of the winning team members of each pair of candidates .
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National Campaign Team Prabowo - Hatta Rajasa

Advisory Board :
Amien Rais , Akbar Tanjung , Ustaz Hilmi Aminuddin , Djojohadikusomo Hashim , Zulkifli Hasan , Laksono , General ( ret. ) Djoko Santoso , etc. .

Chairman :
Mahfud MD

Vice Chairman :
Gen. ( Ret. ) George Toisutta , Lt. Gen. ( Ret. ) Burhanuddin , Laskdya ( Ret. ) Moekhlas Sidik , KH Masduki Baidlowi

Secretary :
Fadli Zon

Deputy Secretary :
Also looked , Tjatur Sapto Edi , Imam Marsudi

Treasurer :
Thomas Djiwandono , Jon Erizal , Robert Cardinal

Deputy Head of Fundraising and Campaign :
Idrus Marham

Vice Chairman of the Strategy :

Vice Chairman of Volunteers :
BM Wibowo

Director of Policy and Programs :
Drajad Wibowo , Harry Azhar Azis , Heirma Purnomo

Director of Strategy :
Sugiono , Chaerul Rully Anwar , Sukmo Harsono

Director of Communications and Media :
Budi Purnomo K , Arya Mahendra Sinulingga , Yuri Hidayat

Campaign Director :
Hadi Prasetyo , Emron Pangkapi , Rambe Kamarul Zaman

Spokesman Coordinator :
Fuad Masyhur

Maj. Gen. ( Ret. ) Sudrajat , Tantowi Yahya , Bara Hasibuan , Uno Uno , Nurul Arifin , Marwah Daud Ibrahim

The National Debate interpreter :
Didik J Rachbani , Hidayat Nur Wahid , Nurul Arifin , Rizal Mallarangeng , etc.

National Campaign Team Joko Widodo Jusuf Kalla -

adviser :
Megawati Sukarnoputri , Surya Paloh , Muhaimin Iskandar , Wiranto , Sutiyoso

Team Leader :
Tjahjo Kumolo

Vice Chairman :
Patrice Rio Capella , Imam Nachrowi , Dossy Iskandar Prasetyo , Lt. Gen. ( Ret. ) Joseph M , Kertanegara

BP Chairman President :
Puan Maharani , Victor Blaiskodat , Marwan Jafar , Chaeruddin Ismail , Ali Agus Ashary

Secretary :
Andi Widjajanto

Secretary I:
Akbar Faisal

Secretary II :
Teten Masduki

Secretary III :

Party Liaison :
Basarah Ahmad , Siti Nurbaya Abubakar , M Hanif Dhakiri , Saleh Husin , Rully Sukarta

Treasurer :
Didit MP , Juliari P Coal

Hasto Kristiyanto , Anies Baswedan , Kadir Karding , Ferry Mursyidan Baldan , Sarifuddin Sudding , Daulat Sinuraya

Team Expert :
Muhammad Prakosa , Rokhmin Dahuri , Sonny Keraf , Sukardi Rinakit , Imam Sugema , etc. .

Rallying :
Gen. (Ret. ) Fachrul Rozy , Sudjatmiko , Utut Adianto , Rieke Diah Pitaloka , etc. .

Debate Team :
Maruarar Sirait , Helmi Faisal Zaini , etc. .

law :
Hendri Yosodiningrat , OC Kaligis , etc. .


Sunday, May 25, 2014

Jokowi: Ladies Who Paid It Sih?

" The Ladies Who paid you? " The question was posed Joko Widodo presidential candidate when he met hundreds of volunteers in Banjarmasin , South Kalimantan , Sunday ( 25/05/2014 ) afternoon .

Jokowi claimed to be surprised . Every time he blusukan in a number of cities , including in the city of Banjarmasin , there is always billboards , banners , and stickers with his name . Not to mention there are thousands of volunteers who work campaigning for him .

" I'm into the cities , the name of many volunteers , there buddy Jokowi , companions Jokowi , Axle Young Jokowi , all different backgrounds . I silently asked , the father 's mother paid anyway? " Jokowi said .

" Alone , " shouted hundreds of volunteers .

" Well , that's what separates us from the others . Yesterday I heard nothing until unloading piggy bank , " said Jokowi .

Jokowi said , the true form of democracy is like that . The desire for change towards a better nation , said Jokowi , that move people to establish the volunteer units .

The man who is still serving as the governor of Jakarta was admitted to not be afraid to fight with the other vice - presidential partner who has financial support as well as a wider network .


Friday, May 23, 2014

Head EMR Sinjai Corruption Suspect PLTS

State Attorney (Kejari) Sinjai set two suspects Development Projects Solar Power Plant (PLTS) and Batanglampe Kodingareng Island, District Nine Island, for fiscal year 2013 amounting to Rp2, 744 billion.

The second person is the Head of the Department of Energy and Natural Resources (EMR) Sinjai Andi Mulawangsa, and Director of Electrical Panrita Ambo Upe.

Head of Energy and Natural Resources (EMR) Sinjai Andi Mulawangsa, when contacted admitted surprise him as a suspect related to determination by Kejari Sinjai.
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According to him, what is alleged to him are unfounded. He felt so far it is very careful in guarding the project. Since the end of last February, the physical realization has been completed.

"240 points in the two islands (Batanglampe and Kodingareng) already teraliri electricity," said Andi Mulawangsa, when contacted by reporters, in Sinjai, Friday (23/05/2014).

According to him, in addition to installing 240 Kwh in point, the realization of the project also includes the procurement module 80 pieces, 80 pieces battery, inferter two pieces, and a few other devices.

But he admits there are some items of work performed by the partner who is not in accordance with the initial specification. This is the inspectorate remarks and has been acted upon, and delivered to the counterparty.

"Hence, to date most of the funds are not paid to partners and has been returned to the state treasury. That risk positions. I've been trying to properly oversee the project with the District Inspectorate always coordinate to him but never named as a suspect," he said.

Separately, Attorney General for Special Crimes (Jampidsus) Kejari Sinjai Irwan said, the determination of the two suspects for allegedly collaborating and knowing, even with deliberately misused funds procurement of materials and tools project.

In this case, the prosecutor assumed that the project was not carried out according to the contracts, resulting in losses to the state of up to hundreds of millions of dollars. "Yeah right, for while there are only two people were officially named as a suspect," said Irwan.

The prosecution, he said they will continue to examine witnesses related to the PLTS development project in Pulau Sembilan.

"God willing, next week there will be again called. Inikan still provisional, and it is possible there will be a new suspect, "said Irwan.


Wednesday, May 21, 2014

WIN-HT Billboards Still Smiling Decorate Chester Region

Duet presidential candidates (candidates ) Wiranto with Hary Tanoesoedibjo or abbreviated WIN - HT ascertained ends . However, both partners billboards that carried from the People 's Conscience Party ( Hanura ) still adorn Chester , South Tangerang .

" I 've seen from one and a half months ago . Installed after the election yesterday , " said Darjo , a pedicab driver in Jalan Ir H Juanda , Chester , South Jakarta, Thursday ( 22/05/2014 ) .

According to him , the large billboard installation is done at night so he does not know exactly who put up the billboard .
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The same opinion was delivered Agus , traders snacks in front of the campus of the University of Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic . " The billboard is already long . Month over here , " he said .

Agus admitted knowing the two figures in the billboards , but do not know if the second -vice presidential candidate pair has split up due to a lack of votes in the legislative elections Hanura 9 April 2014 ago.

"If I do not know . Now 've rarely watch the news on TV , " he added with a smile .

Based on the observation Kompas.com , WIN - HT billboards are located exactly at Jalan Ir H Juanda , First Campus II UIN Syarif Hidayatullah , Chester , South Tangerang . Large billboard size makes it look very clear . South Tangerang City Supervisory Committee could not be reached for confirmation of the related billboard .

As reported earlier, the pair will duet vice president- WIN - HT confirmed disbanded . Wiranto chose to support a candidate to join Jokowi of PDI- P , while Hary Tanoesoedibjo vote in favor of the nominated Prabowo Gerindra .


Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Twitter 'Pinang' SoundCloud

After dismiss the music service , Twitter wants to acquire audio - sharing company , SoundCloud .

SoundCloud is an audio file -sharing site widely used by Internet users , both ordinary individual , or a group of bands to upload and share music files for free .

As in Recode proclaim , Tuesday ( 20/5 ) if the acquisition SounCloud Twitter to be realized , then the plan is to make a new step made ​​by Twitter . It became the second attempt for Twitter to try to help users who like music with a link that they want to share .
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In the year 2013 yesterday , Twitter has launched a music service Twitter . However, these applications can not survive long , which caused disappointment to users who consider this application and the development of slow penetration .

Currently , Soundcloud users has reached 250 million users . With the number of twitter hopes to rake in the application in order to help increase the number of users .

Earlier this year , the flow of funds SoundCloud getting around 60 million U.S. dollars which makes the value of the company increased to 700 million U.S. dollars . Twitter this year , spent U.S. $ 300 million to acquire MoPub .

However , there has been no official comment from Twitter and related Sundcloud this rumor .


Monday, May 19, 2014

After the Declaration of Vice President, Jokowi to City Hall

After declaring Jusuf Kalla as his vice presidential candidate, Joko Widodo Jakarta governor's office went to the City Hall, Monday (05/19/2014) afternoon.

Observation Kompas.com, Jokowi left office Joang '45, Cikini, Menteng, Central Jakarta, at around 12:25 pm and arrived at City Hall about 12:30 pm. Kalla Jokowi not come to City Hall.

Jokowi with his wife, Iriana, white minibus ride B 1567 PRA. His bodyguard was in the car behind.
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As I walked from the car to the office, was asked about the election Kompas.com Jusuf Kalla as his running mate, but Jokowi reluctant to answer.

Jokowi choose shook hands with reporters chasing him.

Jokowi has officially announced that the running mate who accompanied him in the 2014 Presidential Election is Mohammad Jusuf Kalla.

Jokowi said Kalla as his running mate determination on the basis of the belief that they will bring change movement in Indonesia.


Tuesday, May 13, 2014

One use Visa, 3 Nigerian Citizens Deported

A total of three foreign citizens (foreigners ) Nigerian previously domiciled in the District of Semarang , was deported from Indonesia for violating immigration provisions . They abuse the tourist visa to work .

The data was presented by the Office of the National Unity and Politics ( Kesbangpol ) Semarang District in May 2014 . According to the Head of Semarang District Kesbangpol Purbatinhadi , in monitoring the presence of foreigners , it requires coordination antarsemua party . For instance in areas such as Kesbangpol can not take action , because it is the authority of Immigration .

Besides limited in authority , it is also constrained by the data of foreign nationals who can not be viewed online . " The data we foreigners do not hold , even we could not check in online . How can we keep an eye on , because we do not know the data . The only way we keep track of in the field of information society , " said Purbatinhadi , Tuesday ( 05/13/2014 ) .

He revealed , routine surveillance of foreigners because in Semarang district , many industries and schools and hospitals that employ foreign labor .

Supposedly , according to Purbatin , foreigners or those who employ cooperative must report to Kesbangpol and police and the Department of Labor .
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" The function of supervision and monitoring is essential . Because here , including many foreigners who entered . Especially foreigners teacher , it is feared could teach ideology that could affect the ideology of our society . This 2014 alone there were three Nigerian nationals were deported for violating immigration rules , " said Purbatin .

Informed , the number of foreigners who enter the Semarang District is high . In 2013 , there were 88 people registered foreigners . It's just that the number of foreigners who do not report the same to the conditions on the ground . Most of those who come and report to Kesbangpol are foreigners who come as labor .

" The reported 88 people , but his real conditions on the ground 132 foreigners . Then report back in 2014 there were 24 people , while not reported , 64 people , " said Head of National Unity , Adi while informing for the year as of May 2014 , foreigners who have been recently reported there are 10 people .


Friday, May 2, 2014

MUI slams Sexual Violence on Children

Indonesian Ulema Council ( MUI ) confirms acts of sexual violence , especially against children , can not be tolerated . MUI regret the cases of sexual violence against children in the Jakarta International School ( JIS ) .

MUI chairman of the Executive Board , Dr. . H. Anwar Abbas , stated MUI can not tolerate and regret the actions of sexual violence against children in the case of JIS .
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" MUI asked the police to immediately solve the problem of sexual violence in the JIS quickly and thoroughly so that the parties involved be punished in accordance with applicable regulations , " said Acting ( Acting ) Head of Education MUI , Anwar Abbas , told Reuters online , Thursday ( 1/5 ) .

MUI too , Anwar said , urging that the Ministry of Education and Culture as well as the Indonesian Child Protection Commission ( KPAI ) to intervene to resolve this issue seriously .

If the two institutions to intervene , said Anwar , all forms of violence , especially sexual violence against children , can be removed and sterilized . Included in the life at school and in the community .

Society , especially the elderly and those involved in education , obviously Anwar , should be more aware and more sensitive again to the practices of this deviation .


Sri Mulyani Testifies in Trial of Century Friday, May 2

Attorney Corruption Eradication Commission ( KPK ) KMS Roni ensure Sri Mulyani Indrawati present in the trial of alleged corruption cases related to the provision of Short Term Financing Facility ( FPJP ) and determination of Century Bank as a failed bank systemic effect . The former finance minister would testify to the defendant Budi Mulya on Friday, May 2nd coming .

Attorney Roni reveals Sri Mulyani had sent an email on Sunday evening , 27 April 2014 . " He states willing to testify dated May 2, 2014 , " Roni said after the hearing at the Corruption Court , Jakarta , today.
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In a previous trial , Johnson had sent summons Sri Mulyani it through the Embassy in Washington DC and the World Bank . As is known , Sri Mulyani, now serves as the Managing Director of the World Bank .

In the indictment Budi Mulya , Sri Mulyani called determination come into play when the bank failed Century Bank as a systemic effect . At that time , Sri Mulyani also serves as Chairman of the Committee on Financial Sector Stability Committee ( KSSK ) . As a result of the decision taken on 21 November 2008 , the Bank Century was taken over by the Deposit Insurance Agency ( LPS ) .

After that , LPS disbursed Temporary Equity ( PMS ) - which is better known as the bailout - gradually. PMS total received by the Bank Century when it was Rp6.762.361.000.000 . [ Read : Boediono and indictment in Case Against Mulya Century ]

In documents seen headline , some time ago , Sri Mulyani explained that the focus of the Government that the focus at that time was the Indonesian banking system in a fragile position and there is no guarantee . In 2008 , Indonesia has also affected the global crisis . ( ita )