Monday, February 24, 2014

Indonesian Android Application Developer Commentary Nokia

Nokia's decision brings the Android operating system on a new smart phone , the Nokia X , greeted by the application developer from Indonesia . They hope the platform Nokia could be " mine " for getting money .

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 Many application developers ( developer ) in Indonesia, which rely on the Nokia Store to get the money . Because , Nokia Store has supported the purchase of applications or digital content with cutting methods pulses .

" Cut the pulse is very profitable for developers Indonesia because we know the credit card users in Indonesia is still small , " said Abdullah of YafiLabs .

According to him , Indonesian consumers desire to purchase applications with pulse method is greater than the cut had to use a credit card .

In selling paid application or content , Nokia operates a profit-sharing system . Developers will get a percentage of 70 percent of sales , while 30 percent are in the pockets of Nokia .

Nokia Developer of Indonesia believes strongly supports the application ecosystem in Indonesia , such as helping the promotion by displaying applications made ​​in Indonesia in a strategic place that is easily seen in the Nokia Store . This step can increase the traffic application downloads from Indonesia .

Adib Toriq of enterprise application developers who create applications Blasnote AlgoStudio , claims will maximize application for Nokia X. " Since I released Blasnote for Android , I have prepared the application for the Nokia X , " he said .

Adib argued , maximizing an application or game from Android to Nokia X is very easy , does not require a huge effort .

Remove Google services , use Nokia
Efforts are needed to maximize application developers in Nokia X , is eliminating Google service integrated with the application and replaced with Nokia's services .

Abdullah gave an example , if there are Android apps that use Google Maps for mapping systems , such systems must be replaced by Nokia Here . Because , Nokia X system does not support Google services .

Founder and CEO Dycode application development company , Andri Yadi explains , there are three things to consider while application developers want to port Android to the Nokia X. Three things that it is , mapping systems , notification systems , and content purchasing system in the application ( in - app - puchase ) .

Google Maps replaced with a system of Nokia Here , Google Cloud Messaging Alert System is replaced with the Nokia Push Notification , and the system in- app -purchase Google Play Store which also must be replaced with a system of in- app -purchase the Nokia Store for developers who sell apps or paid content .

" Nokia is providing the equivalent of all the systems that do not support Google on Nokia X. If still forced to use Google services , such applications may not work or crashes . Because , different communication protocols , "said Andri when found KompasTekno , Monday ( 24/02/2014 ) .

The developers believe the Nokia X will achieve success in Indonesia , because the big names of the famous Nokia is always pin a good hardware components for the device . Andrew argues , Nokia phones have a solid physical .

Price is also a major factor in the appeal of the Nokia X , which is most likely sold for Rp 1.5 million to Rp 2 million . However, it is not known when Nokia X will enter the Indonesian market .

Together with the presence of the Nokia X Android smartphone , Nokia Indonesia held a DVLUP " Porting " Day . This activity aims to encourage application developers to convert ( ported ) to be distributed via the Android app store Nokia Store .

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 Events that can be followed by developers Developer Program members Level Up ( DVLUP ) Nokia will be held in several cities in Indonesia , namely Jakarta, Yogyakarta , Malang , Surabaya and Depok , starting on February 26 to March 8, 2014 .