Friday, April 18, 2014

MCC Supports Unity Islamic parties

Chairman of the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS - F ) House of Representatives , Hidayat Nur Wahid , said the party supports if indeed there are those who really have the sincerity to unite the Islamic parties in the country . The statement expressed by Hidayat when contacted headline , Friday, April 18, 2014 .

" " We support the aspirations of people who want the coalition of Islamic parties , but do not forget how the solution of the problems of the people , " he said .

Hidayat, who is also a former President of the MCC assesses participants parties should focus the 2014 election to think about how to solve the problems faced by the people , and instead is more busy with the coalition as it is now . Yet . Hidayat , does not mean that the party will isolate itself from the coalition solicitation .

" For the umpteenth time I say the party should think about what will happen to the people , how about the results of the popular vote in the last pileg much fraud , " he said .
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Overnight , the Islamic party and meeting Muslim leaders ended with an agreement to equate the views of the coalition of Islamic parties . After the meeting , which lasted for three hours , midnight Thursday , the Chairman of the Advisory Council of PAN , Amien Rais , General Treasurer of the National Awakening Party ( PKB ) , Bacruddin Nasori , Secretary General of the Advisory Council of the PAN party , Anwar Abubakar , the President of the Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) , Anis Matta , along with luminaries Board of Nahdlatul Ulama ( NU ) , and the Indonesian Ulema Council ( MUI ) , came out of the room one by one .

Originally , there were 17 leaders who were invited . However , not all of them came . Former chairman of MUI , Amidhan , politicians PPP , Muhdi PR , and Waketum PPP , Emron Pangkapi , attended the meeting .

After the meeting , Rais says it is bringing together opinion about this coalition . " So , I had heard my friends own these Islamic parties will work together , set a beautiful orchestra so , then look for the platform . Indeed not possible without the other forces , " he said .


Thursday, April 17, 2014

Do not want to miss, Bogor City Government Urine Test All The employees

Mayor of Bogor , West Java , Bima Arya Sugiarto , instructed all civil servants in the local government did a urine test to ensure all employees are drug-free .

Instruction was delivered in Bogor Mayor on Thursday , as the fight against drug trafficking following the arrest of two municipal police officers were taking drugs while on duty at City Hall .

" The war on drugs I started from City Hall .
The entire staff of the City Government should undergo urine tests , " said Bima Arya when met after opening the socialization of PHBs and KTR in Bogor MUI environment .

Previously , urine tests have been carried out to the 28 members of municipal police who served in the Bogor City Hall on Wednesday ( 16/4 ) yesterday .

The results of urine tests against 28 members of municipal police in charge at City Hall by using methods known negative rapid tests .
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" We are grateful to the results of urine tests negative all members of municipal police . , But it should still be cautious , this examination will be conducted on an ongoing basis to ensure all employees are drug-free , " said Bima .


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Observer: It must be Transparent Convention, Soon to Announce Winners

Executive Director of Pol - Tracking Hanta Yudha rate, continuation phases Democratic Convention as a positive step taken by the High Council and the Committee of the Convention . Only , he hopes the future phases and convention process could be more transparent .

" The process could not be anymore like yesterday , should be open to the public , so the public can see the convention stage with a more transparent , " said Hanta when contacted on Wednesday ( 04/16/2014 ) .

One way to make this convention more transparent , according to him , is to immediately announce the winner of the convention . He regretted the decision convention winner will be announced to the public ahead of the opening of the registration of candidates for president and vice president of the General Elections Commission ( KPU ) .

"If such a long announcement , will make this convention becomes less and less transparent . Should be announced only the winner , " he added .

Hanta worrying , long time announcement that it would make the Democratic convention held hostage by selecting winners based on calculations by the party who invited the coalition , not based on quality and electability of presidential convention .

Hanta rate, current opportunities for presidential convention nominated as vice presidential candidate by Democrats or still quite open . It all depends on how Democrats in the coalition probing .

" There is still a chance for the Democrats to get a fast count by 10 percent . Coalition with the party if he is underneath , can carry the candidate . , But if he's coalition with Golkar or Gerindra , may only be able to carry the vice president , " ujarya .

The fate of the Democratic convention into question after it emerged the Democratic vote totals only about 9 percent faster version count . That was far from the threshold requirements as stipulated in the presidential candidacy of the Presidential Election Law , which is 20 percent of the House seats , or 25 percent of valid votes nationwide .
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However , the President decided , the implementation of the convention will continue to produce winners convention . This decision was taken after a meeting held between the Upper House and the Democratic Convention Committee , at the residence of SBY in Cikeas , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) night .


Golkar Feeling Cheated in Bali, Report to the Supervisory Committee

Golkar Bali report alleged vote inflation other party to the Election Supervisory Committee ( Panwaslu ) Bali , Tuesday night , 15 April 2014 . Because , bubbling sounds made ​​by some political parties that automatically lowers the vote Golkar Party .

Secretary DPD Golkar Bali , I Komang Purnama , said the vote inflation and lowering of the voice of the Golkar Party occurred in almost all districts / cities in Bali . For example Abianbase Village , Mengwi sub district , Badung regency .

"There is bubbling sound . Sounds right Democratic candidate is 84 , but is written 184 . Clearly this is detrimental to us , "said Purnama in the Office of the Election Supervisory Committee , Tuesday, April 15, 2014 .

In Klungkung regency , he added , Golkar candidates sound as much as 49 but was written just 29 votes . " We do not know this one count or not . But there are indications of systematic fraud . We would be harmed , "he stated .
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Deflation and inflation of the sound , connect Purnama , will obviously affect national Golkar . From the results recalculate C1 conducted based Golkar , the party experienced fraud in the thousands .

" The numbers in the thousands . I did not know the true figure , it is in the office . But we assert that there has been an indication of fraud , " he thought .

Purnama said , recapitulation alleged fraud reported to the Supervisory Committee Bali new number about 1 percent of all polling stations scattered throughout Bali . " That number has thousands , " he said .

Not only Democrats , calling Purnama Hanura , Gerindra and a number of other parties adverse action Golkar Party .

Assess the Supervisory Committee

Meanwhile , members of the Supervisory Committee of Bali , Ketut Sunatra , claims will further examine the reports submitted Golkar functionaries .

" Today we received the report . Of course we will examine first, then we take action what to do in response to this report , " he said .

According to him , bubbles and noise reduction is no longer merely an indication , but it is a fact authentic . " It's already a fact . Facts have spoken , "he stated .

One option is to follow up reports of Golkar Party is doing re- count at the polling stations suspected fraudulent vote counting has occurred .

Separately , the Democratic Chairman of the Council of Bali , Made Mudarta , claim to be surprised by the findings of the Golkar Party . " Way once the Democrats could do such fraud , " joked Mudarta .

According to him , each of which already has a witness at each polling station . And Democrats do not have the interest and the power to discriminate crimes such as Golkar delivered .

" The right writing the election organizer , instead of the Democratic Party , " said Mudarta .


Monday, April 14, 2014

Property Sector Natural Medium Difficult Time

JAKARTA - The rise of negative sentiment in the horse is giving concern in many sectors , not least the property sector . Nevertheless, the sector is still in great demand by market participants , proven increase in this sector is still high compared with other sectors .

Head of Research at Trust Securities Priyambada Reza said , the property sector is still expected to grow steadily , but when viewed in the field , property sales slightly reduced due to difficulty selling .

" They want to sell his wares , but we 're expensive mortgages , while the average person buying a house with a mortgage home loan , only a few are bought in cash , " he told Okezone , Tuesday ( 04/15/2014 ) .
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According to him , some issuers even decline in sales in the first quarter of this year . Although the location of the sale of the issuer's strategic spelled .

" Despite a lot of negative sentiment , but it is expected to improve his condition , so that developers can sell their properties and targets to be achieved this year , " he explained .

Reza added that although the number of negative sentiment , but some companies do not feel the impact too significantly . Some companies such as PT Lippo Karawaci Tbk ( LPKR ) and PT Lippo Cikarang Tbk ( LPCK ) eg income or more using the recovery including industrial property did not join hit sentiment .

" Those who are engaged in the industrial property sector is not too powerful , but because in the industry then they become involved , " he said .


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Intimate with Gerindra, Suryadharma Ali could be fired PPP

Region 27 Chairman of the Board of Directors of the United Development Party ( PPP ) indicated the existence of violations committed coriander PPP Suryadharma Ali . Commitments related offenses committed with the National Working Meeting ( Conggress ) Bandung . Therefore they held sessions at Hotel Lorin Sentul Circuit , Bogor , West Java .

Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council ( DPW ) Banten , Mardiono revealed , DPW gathered formulating proposals on the attitude Suryadharma the Central Executive Board ( DPP ) PPP . Because only the DPP can give punishment to coriander PPP , Suryadharma Ali .

" Indicated the existence of a violation of the commitment decision Conggress Bandung . 's Why we want to formulate opinions urge the DPP because sanctions are entitled to a daily meeting of the DPP . Wherever the assemblies and the court party , " said Mardiono when contacted , Sunday ( 13 / 4 ) .

Mardiono revealed , the reason they do this because they feel offended by the attitude of the chairman . Because, when the cadres and sympathizers fought with Gerindra PPP and other parties , Suryadharma even attend the party made ​​a grand campaign Prabowo at the Bung Karno , Jakarta. This is contrary to the Articles of Association ( AD ) and Bylaws ( ART ) party .

" Suryadharma in Glora Bung Karno thus in our view this is a breach in the midst of his friends and we are struggling to compete with Gerindra . Then chairman attended the grand campaigns of other parties . This violates Conggress Bandung . 's Offense AD ART , " he said .

He added that the terms of reference the PPP there are several stages of punishment that can be given to Suryadharma . Ranging from oral reprimand , written to dismissal . In fact , if Suryadharma assessed committed serious violations , did not rule could be dismissed by the PPP .

" The witnesses could start oral reprimand , written to dismissal . Termination or dismissal may be , may , depending on later . DPW urges DPP must take a stand , " he said .

Regarding the contents of Conggress PPP , Mardiono revealed , they want to focus on the Legislative General Election ( Pileg ) 2014 . Without discussing the coalition and the Presidential Election ( Election) .
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" That will be the focus of PPP won Pileg . Discussion of presidential and vice presidential there are 7 people who called his name and we were, and we communicate further , then the decision made ​​when Rapimnas , " he concluded .


Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jokowi No Impact to Vote PDIP

PDI less than the maximum rated drive the political machine . This resulted in pencapresan Jokowi no effect on the vote the party bearing the white bull's muzzle .

Political observers CSIS , J Kristiadi , states still exist in the internal resistance of the pencapresan Jokowi PDIP . " This led to the PDIP with pencapresan Jokowi not been able to convince the public , " he explained , Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) .

Moreover , Kris assess declaration pencapresan Jokowi should not be magicians spell public sympathy . Pencapresan Jokowi judged not give effect to the vote PDIP . " So , Jokowi is PDIP , or vice versa , it is not maximized , " said Kris .
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Practitioners winning election pollsters concept of Indonesia ( Konsepindo ) , Budiman , said from the perspective of political communication , the vote is due koherennya PDIP the campaign message of this party . After pencapresan , Megawati and Puan Maharani figures still dominate the public sphere and the media . " Included in the political ads this party , " said Budiman .

The survey results sound that catapulted the party responded with verbal and non - verbal party officials and cadres . This is reminiscent of the era PDIP victory in 1999, and when Megawati became president .

Then sign coalition with PAN and PKB also make voters hesitated again . In fact, because of the maneuver , the PAN and the PKB 's blessing . " Voters this party instead become solid again , " said Budiman .