Monday, March 31, 2014

April Fools, Google Open Jobs Pokemon Master

Towards dated 1 April 2014 , Google opened the "jobs " new . Name of position ? Pokemon Master aka coach cute character monsters from the video game franchise Nintendo , Pokemon .

Requirement to apply for just one . The candidate must successfully capturing 150 Pokemon characters or tail ( " Pocket Monster " ) are stocked around the world via the map service Google Maps .
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The trick is to open the latest version of the Google Maps application on Android or iOS device , then choose the " search" . From this will emerge a new option called " Press Start " .

After pressing the "start " , the user can directly search for Pokemon figures are scattered in various corners of the map and then " catch " by pressing the icon and then select the option pokemon figures "catch " .

oik yusuf / Pokedex in Pokemon stats Google Maps presenting what has been caught

They will only appear at certain zoom levels so that users have to browse through the questions carefully .

Most Pokemon are in locations world landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty , United States , and the major cities , including Jakarta . There is also a Pokemon -style houses and " Pokemon Lab " located in Sydney Australia .

KompasTekno even had time to find Steelix Pokemon types in Jakarta , precisely around the streets of Stone Kingdom , Menteng .

Users can see what Pokemon that have been captured and the remaining anywhere by visiting the " Pokedex " , also from Google Maps search menu .

Users who are interested in applying for the position of Master Pokemon have until April 2, at 14:00 U.S. Eastern time to catch all 150 Pokémon spread . Those who are successful will be invited to the Googleplex to attend the final selection process .

Description of work " Pokemon Master " is not explained further . At the end of the promotional video below , Google includes a disclaimer and directs viewers to a page of his official job .
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Jobs , of course, just a fake , because the vacancy was released on April 1, which is the date for fun or April Fool . Even so , searching through Google Maps Pokemon turns a hefty challenge . Interested in trying ?


Friday, March 14, 2014

Triggering Emergency Disaster Ecology

Aceh Province is currently considered to be entering the stage of ecological emergency . Destruction of forests , primarily due to land clearing for plantations , mining , and logging , continues to expand . As a result , natural disasters happen almost every day with increasing intensity in the last four years .
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This was stated by Director of Forum for the Environment ( Walhi ) Aceh TM Zulfikar , Tuesday ( 14/6 ) on the sidelines of the commemoration of World Environment Day 2011 at Deah Raya , District Shiite Kuala , Banda Aceh , Aceh . In these activities also implemented the planting of hundreds of trees in the complex area of ​​Kuala Shia Cemetery .

"The fact of crisis and disaster showed that Aceh has actually been in an emergency situation ecology . No day without a disaster . In the period 2007-2010 , there have been 2,850 disaster in Aceh . That is , every day there are two disasters in Aceh in the last four years , " he said .

The series of disasters that occurred over the destruction of forests in Aceh more severe in the last four years . Average rate of forest loss , or deforestation in Aceh reached 32,200 hectares per year in 2007 , or 1 percent of the total area of ​​forest . Until 2009 the area of ​​forest in Aceh stayed at 3.22 million hectares from 3.31 million hectares the previous area .

Anti-Mining Community Coordinator Aceh Movement Robby Firman said , according to the Department of Mines and Energy Aceh province until May , there are 77 companies that have mining permit securing recommendations from the Governor of Aceh . Recommendations for the six companies of which was issued before the governor Yusuf .

In fact , until a few companies have a recommendation from the governor, such as PT Budi Agra Shared Services , which produces coal in West Aceh with future permits until 2028 .

Head of Environmental Impact Management Agency of Aceh Syamaun Husaini said the forest preserve is not easy . Many factors must be considered , including the economic and investment needs .


Associated with mining , approximately 20 percent of the total land area of mining in Central Kalimantan tilled foreign companies . Companies that mine works contracts and agreements with coal mining works ( PKP2B ) it could have a lot of concessions .
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Director of Central Kalimantan Walhi Arie Rompas in Palangkaraya on Tuesday , said , in Central Kalimantan, there are more than 675 mining companies with land area under cultivation around 3.78 million hectares . About 20 companies of which are foreigners.


Friday, March 7, 2014

The characteristics, type and Benefits of Powder

The characteristics and Distribution of Powder
Powder is one of the medicinal plants are believed to have a very high efficacy. Intersection characteristic of this one is the number of leaves that are not more than 2-3 pieces, even very rarely up to 5 sheets and composite are dealing with one of the strands of the other strands. Growing up just lying on the ground, has a half-sitting flowers arranged with flowers amounted to between 4 to 12 pieces, lip color is violet flowers with white color is more dominant. (see also: pakan burung)

The characteristics of Powder

Powder thought to have originated in India and later cultivated by the States in various parts of Southeast Asia, southern China, to Australia. In Indonesia alone, kencur first present in the Moluccas, because at that time the spices in Indonesia is based in Maluku. These plants grow well in the regular rainy season. Powder can be grown everywhere, including in pots as long as sufficient sunlight and not too wet.

Types of Powder
Powder does not have any other kind, meaning kencur only have one kind of like that commonly seen. However, each region has its own designation kencur to name, for example: cikur (Sunda), ceuko (Aceh), kaciwer (Karo), kencor (Madura), cekuh (Bali), asaul, saeluh, soul, and Umpa (Maluku) , cekir (Sumba). Some designations kencur in certain areas does not distinguish between types kencur itself.

Powder Ingredients and Benefits
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Inside there kencur mineral content by 13.73%, starch (4.14%), oil asitri (0.02%), also there ineol, methyl acid, kanil, and penta independence, as well as cinnamic acid, ethyl aster, acid sinamic, borneol, kamphhene, and much more. As well as herbs and other spices, kencur also has many benefits, including health benefits, among the benefits, namely: to treat cough, asthma cure, treat rheumatism, migraine cure, and for slimming. In addition, can also be used as jejamu kencur, kencur rice is one of the products of well-known herb that has been used kencur typical kencur herbs.