Monday, March 31, 2014

April Fools, Google Open Jobs Pokemon Master

Towards dated 1 April 2014 , Google opened the "jobs " new . Name of position ? Pokemon Master aka coach cute character monsters from the video game franchise Nintendo , Pokemon .

Requirement to apply for just one . The candidate must successfully capturing 150 Pokemon characters or tail ( " Pocket Monster " ) are stocked around the world via the map service Google Maps .
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The trick is to open the latest version of the Google Maps application on Android or iOS device , then choose the " search" . From this will emerge a new option called " Press Start " .

After pressing the "start " , the user can directly search for Pokemon figures are scattered in various corners of the map and then " catch " by pressing the icon and then select the option pokemon figures "catch " .

oik yusuf / Pokedex in Pokemon stats Google Maps presenting what has been caught

They will only appear at certain zoom levels so that users have to browse through the questions carefully .

Most Pokemon are in locations world landmarks such as the Statue of Liberty , United States , and the major cities , including Jakarta . There is also a Pokemon -style houses and " Pokemon Lab " located in Sydney Australia .

KompasTekno even had time to find Steelix Pokemon types in Jakarta , precisely around the streets of Stone Kingdom , Menteng .

Users can see what Pokemon that have been captured and the remaining anywhere by visiting the " Pokedex " , also from Google Maps search menu .

Users who are interested in applying for the position of Master Pokemon have until April 2, at 14:00 U.S. Eastern time to catch all 150 Pokémon spread . Those who are successful will be invited to the Googleplex to attend the final selection process .

Description of work " Pokemon Master " is not explained further . At the end of the promotional video below , Google includes a disclaimer and directs viewers to a page of his official job .
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Jobs , of course, just a fake , because the vacancy was released on April 1, which is the date for fun or April Fool . Even so , searching through Google Maps Pokemon turns a hefty challenge . Interested in trying ?


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