Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Legislators regret many cafes that break the rules

Although today's smartphones and other mobile devices can also be used to access the Internet , but the presence of internet cafes (cafe ) is still the choice of many people .

However , legislators city Pekanbaru , Riau , lamented the cafe owners who violate the rules so let truant school children during hours of study in pursuit of profit .

" Whereas socialization regarding permission cafe has been often done , but still remains neglected , " said Chairman of Commission III DPRD Pekanbaru in Pekanbaru Muammad Fadri AR , as quoted by Reuters on Monday ( 07 / 04 ) .

Politicians Prosperous Justice Party ( PKS ) , said strict action needs to be applied to revoke the business license of the owner of the cafe .

The statement related to Pekanbaru Police officers hold a policing operation with the headline Valentines find porn videos on your mobile phone ( cell phone ) number of students who were playing in the cafe and ditching the current study hours .

When operating the clerk to record as many as 51 students secured Thursday ( 03 / 04 ) on the road Ahmad Yani Mapolresta Pekanbaru . In the operation , Police officers also involve municipal police Pekanbaru City Government and the Education Department .

Based on the recognition that students caught carrying existing mobile porn videos that the image was recorded on a cafe .

But the cafe owner to alert three times in a row and the proposed sanction to Pekanbaru city administration that the business license revoked .
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Fadri add oversight of the operating hours should be applied not to the cafe closed until early morning . Even the RT and RW in each neighborhood to oversee the cafe because the latter used as a platform to open a porn site .

Similarly cafe owner banned from using the bulkhead dividers so feared as a platform to do nasty


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