Saturday, April 19, 2014

Respond to relax boss ITB Alumni Support to Jokowi

Executive Committee of the Alumni Association Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), considers relaxing over ITB Alumni Community plan, which will declare dukungannnya the alias Joko Widodo Jokowi as a presidential candidate, Saturday afternoon.

"It's OK. Alumni ITB, it is also a part of the community. Think of this as a part to enliven the presidential election," said Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Alumni Association ITB, Sawaluddin Lubis, when contacted by Tempo, Saturday, April 19, 2014.
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Sawaluddin said, should have been alumni of other universities in the country also do the same so that the upcoming presidential election could walk better. (Read: ITB Students Challenged Candidates Reject addition Jokowi).

He is not concerned if there are groups that use the name of ITB alumni, because of the central committee of the official ITB alumni association, the organization is never involved in practical politics. "Affairs of the carrying-supporting candidate let party affairs, we are not joined in," he said.

Information if there will be a community that will support Jokowi ITB as a candidate, said Sawaluddin, he knew since two days ago. "I knew from the alumni mailing list," he said. Responses also varied members of the mailing list, there is support others disagree.

However, according to Awaludin, this issue is not to create a schism in the body Alumni ITB. "It was okay. Needless to deemed too political. Amount ITB alumni least 100 thousand people. Not much more than the population of the district," he said.


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