Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Passengers Family Talk Listen MH370

Passengers Family Talk Listen MH370
Recording the last conversation between the cockpit and control tower Malaysian Airlines played publicly for the first time. Such disclosure was held in front of passengers on the Beijing family.

In the recording sounded several times cockpit and control tower exchange information.

"Malaysia three seven empty contacting Ho Chi Minh City 120.9, good night," said a voice that is thought to have come from the control tower in Kuala Lumpur, as quoted by CNN, on Tuesday (29/04/2014).
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After receiving the information from the control tower, in the press conference, the cockpit MH370 reply to a request from the communication of the control tower.

"Good night Malaysia three seven-empty," said a voice from the cockpit MH370.

Diperdengarkannya, MH370 recorded conversations between the cockpit and control tower, displayed more than 50 days MH370 lost. Currently MH370 search is still ongoing and concentrated in the South Indian Ocean.


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