Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Golkar Feeling Cheated in Bali, Report to the Supervisory Committee

Golkar Bali report alleged vote inflation other party to the Election Supervisory Committee ( Panwaslu ) Bali , Tuesday night , 15 April 2014 . Because , bubbling sounds made ​​by some political parties that automatically lowers the vote Golkar Party .

Secretary DPD Golkar Bali , I Komang Purnama , said the vote inflation and lowering of the voice of the Golkar Party occurred in almost all districts / cities in Bali . For example Abianbase Village , Mengwi sub district , Badung regency .

"There is bubbling sound . Sounds right Democratic candidate is 84 , but is written 184 . Clearly this is detrimental to us , "said Purnama in the Office of the Election Supervisory Committee , Tuesday, April 15, 2014 .

In Klungkung regency , he added , Golkar candidates sound as much as 49 but was written just 29 votes . " We do not know this one count or not . But there are indications of systematic fraud . We would be harmed , "he stated .
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Deflation and inflation of the sound , connect Purnama , will obviously affect national Golkar . From the results recalculate C1 conducted based Golkar , the party experienced fraud in the thousands .

" The numbers in the thousands . I did not know the true figure , it is in the office . But we assert that there has been an indication of fraud , " he thought .

Purnama said , recapitulation alleged fraud reported to the Supervisory Committee Bali new number about 1 percent of all polling stations scattered throughout Bali . " That number has thousands , " he said .

Not only Democrats , calling Purnama Hanura , Gerindra and a number of other parties adverse action Golkar Party .

Assess the Supervisory Committee

Meanwhile , members of the Supervisory Committee of Bali , Ketut Sunatra , claims will further examine the reports submitted Golkar functionaries .

" Today we received the report . Of course we will examine first, then we take action what to do in response to this report , " he said .

According to him , bubbles and noise reduction is no longer merely an indication , but it is a fact authentic . " It's already a fact . Facts have spoken , "he stated .

One option is to follow up reports of Golkar Party is doing re- count at the polling stations suspected fraudulent vote counting has occurred .

Separately , the Democratic Chairman of the Council of Bali , Made Mudarta , claim to be surprised by the findings of the Golkar Party . " Way once the Democrats could do such fraud , " joked Mudarta .

According to him , each of which already has a witness at each polling station . And Democrats do not have the interest and the power to discriminate crimes such as Golkar delivered .

" The right writing the election organizer , instead of the Democratic Party , " said Mudarta .


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