Sunday, April 13, 2014

Intimate with Gerindra, Suryadharma Ali could be fired PPP

Region 27 Chairman of the Board of Directors of the United Development Party ( PPP ) indicated the existence of violations committed coriander PPP Suryadharma Ali . Commitments related offenses committed with the National Working Meeting ( Conggress ) Bandung . Therefore they held sessions at Hotel Lorin Sentul Circuit , Bogor , West Java .

Chairman of the Regional Leadership Council ( DPW ) Banten , Mardiono revealed , DPW gathered formulating proposals on the attitude Suryadharma the Central Executive Board ( DPP ) PPP . Because only the DPP can give punishment to coriander PPP , Suryadharma Ali .

" Indicated the existence of a violation of the commitment decision Conggress Bandung . 's Why we want to formulate opinions urge the DPP because sanctions are entitled to a daily meeting of the DPP . Wherever the assemblies and the court party , " said Mardiono when contacted , Sunday ( 13 / 4 ) .

Mardiono revealed , the reason they do this because they feel offended by the attitude of the chairman . Because, when the cadres and sympathizers fought with Gerindra PPP and other parties , Suryadharma even attend the party made ​​a grand campaign Prabowo at the Bung Karno , Jakarta. This is contrary to the Articles of Association ( AD ) and Bylaws ( ART ) party .

" Suryadharma in Glora Bung Karno thus in our view this is a breach in the midst of his friends and we are struggling to compete with Gerindra . Then chairman attended the grand campaigns of other parties . This violates Conggress Bandung . 's Offense AD ART , " he said .

He added that the terms of reference the PPP there are several stages of punishment that can be given to Suryadharma . Ranging from oral reprimand , written to dismissal . In fact , if Suryadharma assessed committed serious violations , did not rule could be dismissed by the PPP .

" The witnesses could start oral reprimand , written to dismissal . Termination or dismissal may be , may , depending on later . DPW urges DPP must take a stand , " he said .

Regarding the contents of Conggress PPP , Mardiono revealed , they want to focus on the Legislative General Election ( Pileg ) 2014 . Without discussing the coalition and the Presidential Election ( Election) .
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" That will be the focus of PPP won Pileg . Discussion of presidential and vice presidential there are 7 people who called his name and we were, and we communicate further , then the decision made ​​when Rapimnas , " he concluded .


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