Saturday, April 26, 2014

Jokowi Solutions For Fire Victims Pasar Senen

Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo committed to helping merchants fire victims in Bloc III , Pasar Senen , Central Jakarta . He asked PD Pasar Jaya to accelerate the development of shelter and remove the operational costs of the stalls for traders .

" This is important , as soon as the emergency market was built , " he said when blusukan to the location of the fire, Saturday ( 04/26/2014 ) .
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Jokowi give one week to PD Pasar Jaya to establish a temporary stall in the yard of Senen Market Block III . Along with that , Jokowi also give two months to PD Pasar Jaya to prepare temporary shelters in Block V. If the V block is finished, the merchant who sells in the courtyard of Block III will be moved there .

" The important thing traders can sell , sell on the market despite the emergency , " said Jokowi .

In Block V , Jokowi said , will be built 1,400 temporary stalls for 1,900 traders . The amount is far less by the number of stall is engulfed by fire , ie 3,096 .
The reason , a trader can have many stalls . Jokowi also ensure the temporary relocation are not going to cause a number of traders in the market swelled .

In addition , PD Pasar Jaya Jokowi asked to waive the fee levy for merchants while in the shelter . The statement Jokowi get applause from the merchants in the vicinity.

Previously reported , Senen Market Block III , engulfed in the flames early Friday . Data PD Pasar Jaya said the fire was struck most of the first floor , second floor and third floor .

Approximately 3,096 kiosks are victims of fires . This amount consists of 640 stalls , 1,577 counters , 392 and 503 los los clothing . There was no casualty in the fire that the cause is unknown .


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