Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Prabowo been Chairman of Shura Council Meet MCC

One of the presidential candidate of the MCC , Ahmad Heryawan said party chairman Gerindra , Prabowo active communication with the MCC . He said , Prabowo has also met with the Chairman of the Supreme Council for the MCC , Hilmi Aminuddin .

"I met with the chaplain Hilmi . By Anis Matta also . By Ahmad Heryawan yet , " he said, smiling , Tuesday ( 29/4 ) .
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He said Gerindra already written a letter to invite to participate in the MCC coalition ranks . The letter was received and read in the Shura council MCC . Assembly had already made ​​a team of five people who will be detailing the management of political communication with Gerindra and Prabowo .

According to him , the PKS and Gerindra have a similar platform that essentially want to bring the welfare of Indonesian society . If a coalition is formed , believed MCC will submit Prabowo vice companion . However, to date MCC has not really decide on one of three presidential candidates to be offered to be the running mate .

He said the decision to choose one of the three presidential candidates and lowering existing standards based on existing political realities that lack the percentage of votes that do not allow pileg MCC filed its own candidate . "There are three candidate . Yes most likely desire in the context of the MCC , yes wishes will be one of three chosen to be the vice presidential candidate . But now mandate as president has not been revoked . At the time of the agreement to the vice presidential candidate so it's okay , " he said .


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