Thursday, April 10, 2014

Jokowi No Impact to Vote PDIP

PDI less than the maximum rated drive the political machine . This resulted in pencapresan Jokowi no effect on the vote the party bearing the white bull's muzzle .

Political observers CSIS , J Kristiadi , states still exist in the internal resistance of the pencapresan Jokowi PDIP . " This led to the PDIP with pencapresan Jokowi not been able to convince the public , " he explained , Thursday ( 04/10/2014 ) .

Moreover , Kris assess declaration pencapresan Jokowi should not be magicians spell public sympathy . Pencapresan Jokowi judged not give effect to the vote PDIP . " So , Jokowi is PDIP , or vice versa , it is not maximized , " said Kris .
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Practitioners winning election pollsters concept of Indonesia ( Konsepindo ) , Budiman , said from the perspective of political communication , the vote is due koherennya PDIP the campaign message of this party . After pencapresan , Megawati and Puan Maharani figures still dominate the public sphere and the media . " Included in the political ads this party , " said Budiman .

The survey results sound that catapulted the party responded with verbal and non - verbal party officials and cadres . This is reminiscent of the era PDIP victory in 1999, and when Megawati became president .

Then sign coalition with PAN and PKB also make voters hesitated again . In fact, because of the maneuver , the PAN and the PKB 's blessing . " Voters this party instead become solid again , " said Budiman .


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