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The characteristics, type and Benefits of Powder

The characteristics and Distribution of Powder
Powder is one of the medicinal plants are believed to have a very high efficacy. Intersection characteristic of this one is the number of leaves that are not more than 2-3 pieces, even very rarely up to 5 sheets and composite are dealing with one of the strands of the other strands. Growing up just lying on the ground, has a half-sitting flowers arranged with flowers amounted to between 4 to 12 pieces, lip color is violet flowers with white color is more dominant. (see also: pakan burung)

The characteristics of Powder

Powder thought to have originated in India and later cultivated by the States in various parts of Southeast Asia, southern China, to Australia. In Indonesia alone, kencur first present in the Moluccas, because at that time the spices in Indonesia is based in Maluku. These plants grow well in the regular rainy season. Powder can be grown everywhere, including in pots as long as sufficient sunlight and not too wet.

Types of Powder
Powder does not have any other kind, meaning kencur only have one kind of like that commonly seen. However, each region has its own designation kencur to name, for example: cikur (Sunda), ceuko (Aceh), kaciwer (Karo), kencor (Madura), cekuh (Bali), asaul, saeluh, soul, and Umpa (Maluku) , cekir (Sumba). Some designations kencur in certain areas does not distinguish between types kencur itself.

Powder Ingredients and Benefits
(see also: pakan burung pleci)

Inside there kencur mineral content by 13.73%, starch (4.14%), oil asitri (0.02%), also there ineol, methyl acid, kanil, and penta independence, as well as cinnamic acid, ethyl aster, acid sinamic, borneol, kamphhene, and much more. As well as herbs and other spices, kencur also has many benefits, including health benefits, among the benefits, namely: to treat cough, asthma cure, treat rheumatism, migraine cure, and for slimming. In addition, can also be used as jejamu kencur, kencur rice is one of the products of well-known herb that has been used kencur typical kencur herbs.


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