Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Twitter 'Pinang' SoundCloud

After dismiss the music service , Twitter wants to acquire audio - sharing company , SoundCloud .

SoundCloud is an audio file -sharing site widely used by Internet users , both ordinary individual , or a group of bands to upload and share music files for free .

As in Recode proclaim , Tuesday ( 20/5 ) if the acquisition SounCloud Twitter to be realized , then the plan is to make a new step made ​​by Twitter . It became the second attempt for Twitter to try to help users who like music with a link that they want to share .
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In the year 2013 yesterday , Twitter has launched a music service Twitter . However, these applications can not survive long , which caused disappointment to users who consider this application and the development of slow penetration .

Currently , Soundcloud users has reached 250 million users . With the number of twitter hopes to rake in the application in order to help increase the number of users .

Earlier this year , the flow of funds SoundCloud getting around 60 million U.S. dollars which makes the value of the company increased to 700 million U.S. dollars . Twitter this year , spent U.S. $ 300 million to acquire MoPub .

However , there has been no official comment from Twitter and related Sundcloud this rumor .


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