Friday, May 23, 2014

Head EMR Sinjai Corruption Suspect PLTS

State Attorney (Kejari) Sinjai set two suspects Development Projects Solar Power Plant (PLTS) and Batanglampe Kodingareng Island, District Nine Island, for fiscal year 2013 amounting to Rp2, 744 billion.

The second person is the Head of the Department of Energy and Natural Resources (EMR) Sinjai Andi Mulawangsa, and Director of Electrical Panrita Ambo Upe.

Head of Energy and Natural Resources (EMR) Sinjai Andi Mulawangsa, when contacted admitted surprise him as a suspect related to determination by Kejari Sinjai.
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According to him, what is alleged to him are unfounded. He felt so far it is very careful in guarding the project. Since the end of last February, the physical realization has been completed.

"240 points in the two islands (Batanglampe and Kodingareng) already teraliri electricity," said Andi Mulawangsa, when contacted by reporters, in Sinjai, Friday (23/05/2014).

According to him, in addition to installing 240 Kwh in point, the realization of the project also includes the procurement module 80 pieces, 80 pieces battery, inferter two pieces, and a few other devices.

But he admits there are some items of work performed by the partner who is not in accordance with the initial specification. This is the inspectorate remarks and has been acted upon, and delivered to the counterparty.

"Hence, to date most of the funds are not paid to partners and has been returned to the state treasury. That risk positions. I've been trying to properly oversee the project with the District Inspectorate always coordinate to him but never named as a suspect," he said.

Separately, Attorney General for Special Crimes (Jampidsus) Kejari Sinjai Irwan said, the determination of the two suspects for allegedly collaborating and knowing, even with deliberately misused funds procurement of materials and tools project.

In this case, the prosecutor assumed that the project was not carried out according to the contracts, resulting in losses to the state of up to hundreds of millions of dollars. "Yeah right, for while there are only two people were officially named as a suspect," said Irwan.

The prosecution, he said they will continue to examine witnesses related to the PLTS development project in Pulau Sembilan.

"God willing, next week there will be again called. Inikan still provisional, and it is possible there will be a new suspect, "said Irwan.


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